Miscellaneous Tips


If your cold tap water appears brown or red it is probably dislodged mineral deposits caused by :

  • a water main break
  • water or sewer workers flushing fire hydrants
  • vibrations caused by construction
  • children playing with fire hydrants

To report these problems, call the water dept. at 593-3333 or 593-4000 or the police dept. at 593-5600. Once the reason has been identified and the disruption of the water main has ceased, run your cold water tap until it clears.

If your water appears cloudy in winter or early spring or during a water main break, it is most likely entrapped air. If the water is allowed to sit for a short while, the bubbles will rise to the surface and dissipate. For more information see the Q&A page.

Taste & Odor

After chlorination there remains minute amounts of chlorine, required by state and federal regulatory agencies to protect public health. The following are some ways to eliminate or improve this taste:

  • a) Place water in refrigerator, in an uncapped bottle.
  • b) Cool water to less than 60oF in the summer, cool water definitely tastes better.

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