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Service Line Info:

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Who is responsible for the water lines to my house?

The Wellsville Water Department maintains the water service line from the water main to the outside shutoff valve (curb box) located at or near the property line, and the water meter. The homeowner maintains the service from the curb box to the house, including the shutoff valve(s) inside the house. Do not place plants, trees, shrubs or permanent fixtures next to the curb box.

If my water is off due to a main repair, how long will it be off?

The length of time you will be without water depends on the work being performed. 50% of all breaks are fixed in 4 hours or less, 90% are fixed within 8 hours. Call (716) 593-3333 to get an approximate time.

Why wasn’t I notified in advance of the water being shut off?

When an emergency exists (roads washed out, houses/basements flooded) or there is a threat to public safety, there may not be time to notify the customers before the water must be turned off. You should be notified when pre-scheduled repair work requires your water service to be interrupted.

Why are colored stakes, flags, or paint marks on my lawn or sidewalk?

They show the location of utilities in that area. We are required by law to mark our water lines any time a contractor will be excavating within 15′ of our mains. When these markers appear, it means excavation has been scheduled ( or has just been completed).

Different colors are used to indicate the location of different utilities:

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • TV & Cable
  • Sewer

I’m installing an in-ground swimming pool or an automatic sprinkler system in my yard. Do I need to notify the Wellsville Water Department?

Call the Underground Facilities Protection Organization (UFPO), at 1-800-962-7962 before you dig. They will notify all utilities to stake out their lines at the address you note.

When is grading and seeding done to repair damages?

Grading and seeding repairs are weather dependent. If the damage has occurred after the “planting season” is over, repairs will be made as soon as the weather permits in the spring. When the soil is dry enough to spread, the damage will be repaired.

When are pavement patches made?

The Village of Wellsville will usually install a temporary patch then let the ground settle 2 or 3 weeks before a permanent patch is made. This is also weather dependent. Blacktop plants usually close in November and re-open in April. For this reason, permanent patches on large areas may be delayed until spring.

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