Wellsville Water Treatment Plant

Welcome to Wellsville Water Treatment Plant. Construction began in June 1989 for the new treatment plant and it went in to service June 1990.

Wellsville Water Quality on Tap

The human body is about 70 to 80 percent water. When we don’t drink eight to ten cups of water each day, our muscles don’t work as well, our digestive process is affected, and our mental capacity is diminished

Wellsville Water Treatment Plant History

The first water supply came from a reservoir built on Crowner Creek about a mile southwest of the Village. The reservoir covered an area of about 1.75 acres, was 24 feet deep and had a capacity of 5 million gallons.

The Story of Drinking Water

The Egyptians were the first people to record methods for treating water. These records date back more than 1,500 years to 400 A.D. They indicate that the most common ways of cleaning water were by boiling it over a fire, heating it in the sun, or by dipping a heated piece of iron into it.

Winter Tips

Don’t let winter sneak up on you! Remember: a frozen water meter and/or frozen pipes are not only inconvenient, they can be expensive. Here are a few tips to keep your water flowing freely all winter.

Welcome to the Wellsville Water Treatment Plant

The 2021 Annual Water Quality Report is now available. Click on the water quality report tab at the top.